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About Us

The Creation of


Have you seen the grand building of the Sultan’s City?

It’s absolutely unforgettable! Complex architecture, three different floors and a spacious garden area…


Our team wanted to share all that we know and can impress you with, right here, in Northampton town center, in this unique restaurant on the bustling Wellingborough Road…

…our dream was to share flavour, culture and a little bit of spice with this beautiful community.

At Sultan’s we have something for everybody and we are proud to present our new and diverse hospitality trio to you all!

Wether it’s a family dinner, an important celebration or the passion for new experiences

Welcome to 

Sultan’s City

Sultan's City is unlike anything I've seen before- especially in Northampton! A beautiful place with so many interesting features, their restaurant has such a detailed and extensive menu I couldn't believe it and don't get me started on the decor. Impeccable!


Sultan’s Kitchen

145 Wellingborough Road, Northampton

01604 816484
Open: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm